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Tianjin Timeast Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.
Company Overview

Tianjin Timeast Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered in Tianjin TEDA in January 2002 (former name is Tianjin TEDA Timeast Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd. Timeast for short hereinafter). There are 75 employees, including 54 technicians, 3 senior engineers, 5 constructors, 8 associate constructors. Timeast owns 601 pipeline laying barge and SE-12000 pre/post trenching excavator etc. nearly 40 sets of large scale and professional engineering equipments.

Timeast focuses on submarine/offshore engineering business from the foundation, through years of efforts, our footprints spread all over the sea areas in China and also in other countries of Africa and Asia such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya  and Tanzania etc.

Our domestic business partner including: CNOOC, Petro-China, Sino-Pec, Tincy Engergy Group, Liaobin Development Area, Tianjin Water Works (Group) Company Ltd. CFD Development Area, Energy China, SEPCOIII; the overseas business partner including: Roc Oil, Hyundai Corporation, CHIYODA, ConocoPhillips, KMG etc.

Timeast will continue to improve technology and develop market, put safety and environment protection at the first place, provide high quality and efficient service to client. Timeast expects deeper cooperation and mutual success with you!

Offshore Pipeline & (Optical) Cable Laying -- Timeast

Main Business:

Submarine/Offshore Oil & Gas Pipeline Laying and Repairing

Submarine/Offshore Pollution Drainage Pipeline, Water Transportation Pipeline Laying and Repairing

Submarine/Offshore (Optical) Cable Laying and Repairing

Submarine/Offshore Lifting; Facilities Installation

Construction, Installation and Repairing of Jacket, Platform and Ancillary Facility

Submarine/Offshore Pipeline Pre/Post Trenching