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PetroChina launches first unmanned offshore platform

Jul. 27, 2023

PetroChina launches first unmanned offshore platform

An offshore platform of the PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company, a subsidiary of China's oil giant PetroChina, has realized unmanned operations in a trial run in north China's Tianjin Municipality.

The construction and operations of the digitally managed platform save nearly 30 percent of costs compared to traditional offshore drilling platforms, according to the company.

Gao Zhiyong from the PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company said this is the company's first digitalized offshore platform.

It is located at the Zhaodong Oilfield, which has produced oil for nearly 30 years. With continuous technology upgrades, the daily output of the old oilfield has not decreased in recent years.

----The news is quoted from xinhuanet by huaxia(www.xinhuanet.com)

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