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Cooperation Negotiation with GEOCEAN ENTREPOSE

Mar. 26, 2019

Mar. 21st, Tianjin Timeast Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. negotiated with GEOCEAN ENTREPOSE in Timeast Shanghai Branch. Our General Manager Mr. Wang, Marketing & Business Manager Ms. Chen went to Shanghai for meeting with Mr. BRUNSARD, who is the Business Development Manager of GEOCEAN ENTREPOSE. We introduced our lay barge Timeast-601 and relevant project cases of submarine pipeline laying, offshore wind power, and submarine (optical) cable laying.

Offshore Pipe Repairing Service Provider

Geocean is a marine work contractor with 30 years experience worldwide. It specializes in engineering and installation of subsea coastal works and our professional Submarine Pipe Installation Service, such as pipelines, terminals, wharves, jetties, quays, or any type of submarine work, when special and difficult situations have to be resolved. It has the know-how to analyze a natural marine site, evaluate the difficulties and design and adapt your facilities to the particularities of your site. The expertise is mainly focused on nearshore sites, where offshore gradually become onshore. Geocean devotes significant resources to innovation and to the development of specalised equipment.

As a professional Offshore Pipe Repairing Service Provider, Timeast focuses on submarine/offshore engineering business from the foundation. The main business includes submarine/offshore oil & gas pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore pollution drainage pipeline, water transportation pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore (optical) cable laying and repairing; submarine/offshore lifting; facilities installation; construction, installation and repairing of jacket, platform and ancillary facility; submarine/offshore pipeline pre/post trenching.

Through communicating and exchanging opinions on companies’ current situation and business areas, both sides expressed their good wishes to further expand cooperation space, achieve win-win development, create more value and inject new vitality into the development of international marine engineering.