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Tianjin Timeast Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. was Invited to Attend CPECC Marine Engineering Business Exchange Meeting

Apr. 10, 2019

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Apr. 10th, at the invitation of China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation, Our General Manager Mr. Wang Jianwei, Deputy General Manager Mr. Tang Wanyang, Chief Engineer Mr. Chen Wanjun attended marine engineering business exchange meeting in CPECC Beijing headquarters.

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (abbreviated to CPECC) is affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and is a CNPC professional company specializing in oil engineering, manufacturing, construction and lump-sum contracting. It is now the most representative company of CNPC in domestic and international petroleum project construction. It has full functions integrating design, procurement, manufacturing and construction, and can provide various services such as preliminary consultation on large oil projects, feasibility study, environmental impact and safety assessments, survey and measurement, design, procurement, construction, manufacturing, supervision, commissioning trial and operating maintenance.

As a professional Offshore Pipe Repairing Service Provider, Timeast focuses on submarine/offshore engineering business from the foundation. The main business includes Offshore Pipe Installation Construction; submarine/offshore oil & gas pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore pollution drainage pipeline, water transportation pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore (optical) cable laying and repairing; submarine/offshore lifting; facilities installation; construction, installation and repairing of jacket, platform and ancillary facility; submarine/offshore pipeline pre/post trenching.

Both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on company, equipment, achievements, as well as submarine pipeline laying process, submarine cable laying process, offshore single-point installation process and other aspects. which laid a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation and development.

Offshore Pipe Repairing Service Provider

Offshore Pipe Repairing Service Provider