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The Negotiation of Angola Islands Pipeline Project

Mar. 19, 2018

Mar. 19th, the delegation of Phoenix Bridge International Holdings Group Investment Co., Limited visited us. We mainly negotiated the cooperation of Angola islands pipeline project. Tianjin Timeast Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Wang Jianwei and Chief Engineer Mr. Chen Wanjun warmly welcomed the guests and made the detail company introduction.

PHOENIX BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS GROUP INVESTMENT Co., LIMITED is planning to develop local Angolan islands to build villas and upscale hotels. Limited by existing conditions and government policies of the islands, the water and electricity need to be brought in from the land. In order to meet the water and electricity supply, it plans to lay two DN400mm HDPE submarine water pipelines and a 60KV submarine power supply cable on the island. Therefore, they need underwater pipeline installation and Submarine Optical Cable Laying service provided by Timeast. One is 3km crossing the sea and the other is about 1km. The final construction plan will be confirmed after the design is finished.

Timeast focuses on submarine/offshore engineering business from the foundation. The main business includes submarine/offshore oil & gas pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore pollution drainage pipeline, water transportation pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore (optical) cable laying and repairing; submarine/offshore lifting; facilities installation; construction, installation and repairing of jacket, platform and ancillary facility; submarine/offshore pipeline pre/post trenching. For this Underwater Pipe Installation and submarine cable laying project, Timeast has enough confidence to complete it well.

The project is in the design stage presently. The owner of the project is PBIH. Tianjin Timeast will perform submarine pipe and cable materials procurement and construction. The project is expected to be performed in Oct, 2020.