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Wenzhou Nanji Island Connects To National Grid

Feb. 07, 2020

Nanji Island, Pingyang County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, was one of the first five national marine nature reserves in China, but it was also the last formed town in Zhejiang Province that did not have access to the national grid.

After years of demonstration, Zhejiang Province decided to use a 44km long connectorless submarine cable to connect Nanji Island and Wenzhou Pingyang, which is also the longest 35kV connectorless submarine cable in China.

Qifan No. 9: The construction boat with the largest cable carrying capacity. The most conspicuous on this ship is the large yellow turntable. This is the reel for submarine cables. The heaviest cable can carry 5000 tons of submarine cables. Submarine cable construction ship carrying the heaviest cable.

Wenzhou Nanji Island Connects To National Grid

This submarine cable is 44 kilometers long and is China’s first 35 kV unconnected submarine cable. We know that a submarine cable without joints is more stable and more conductive than a submarine cable with joints. The production of such long submarine cables requires continuous and uninterrupted production. To this end, the production enterprise also specially manufactured a 20-story production workshop.

As the submarine cable keeps turning, the submarine cable will be sent to the machine next to it, and it will be towed by the tractor below, which is also the process of launching the submarine cable.

Wenzhou Nanji Island Connects To National Grid

During the continuous Laying Of The Submarine Cable, workers are attaching white foam to the submarine cable. This is to allow the submarine cable to float when it is placed in the sea.

The boat and the amphibious excavator are correcting the position of the submarine cable, while the submarine cable is placed, you can see that there are small boats on the sea and the amphibious surface excavator is constantly correcting the position of the submarine cable, so that it will not be knotted, like this The electric wire, if put into the sea in this way, may be knotted, and these boats and land and water excavators are designed to keep it relatively natural.

At present, the entire submarine cable has been connected to the Nanji Island substation. Next, it will be connected to the mainland's land cable. The entire construction process must be completed before today's high tide.

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