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How is the Submarine Pipeline Laid?

Mar. 14, 2020

TIMEAST Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd., the submarine pipeline laying procedures / processes are as follows:

1. The pipe laying vessel anchors in place along the pipeline design route at the beginning;

2. Throw the initial anchor;

3. Connect the starting anchor to the pipeline dragger on the pipe laying line;

4. Assemble and weld the pipelines on the pipe laying ship's operation line, and complete the nondestructive testing of the weld joint, anticorrosion and heat preservation;

5. Locate the release of anchor and anchor cables through the pipe laying ship and move the pipe laying ship along the pipeline design route under the monitoring of the positioning system, laying the pipeline on the sea floor;

6. After the pipeline is laid to the end point, weld the abandoned pipe head and discard the pipeline at the seabed design position;

7. After the completion of pipeline laying, the pipe laying ship starts to anchor and leaves;

8. Riser and expansion bend installation;

9. Trench after the pipeline;

10. Pigging and pressure test.

Our company has completed several Subsea Pipeline Installation projects, such as:

1. Ma Mu & Yu Shan Islands Submarine/Offshore Pipelines Installation Project (Year 2018)

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2. Tanzania Songo Songo Island—Somanga Submarine/Offshore Laying Project (Year 2013)

How is the Submarine Pipeline Laid?cid=5

3. PetroChina Jidong Oil Field Nanpu No. 1-2 Artificial Island Submarine/Offshore Pipeline Laying Project (Year 2008)

How is the Submarine Pipeline Laid?cid=5

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