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Guohua Zhugensha H1# Offshore Wind Power Submarine Cable Laying Project (Year 2021-- CCCC Third Harbor Engineering CO., Ltd) )


Project Introduction:

This Project is located in Guohua Zhugensha Offshore Wind Power Farm; 35kV submarine cable laying, the length is 57.3km. 


Work Scope:

Sweeping, Retesting in the Early Stage of the Cable Laying; Submarine Cable Terminal Frabrication and Installation Assistance; 35kV Submarine Cable Protection Bending Restrictor Installation at the Lower End of J-pipe, Submarine Cable Connection with Wind Turbine and Testing, Voltage Testing, Fiber Optical Fusion, etc.

Guohua Zhugensha H1  Guohua Zhugensha H1 Guohua Zhugensha H1