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Boxi and Gaoshaling Oil & Gas Treatment Plant Pipeline Recovery Project Progressing Smoothly

Nov. 12, 2018

In order to cooperate with Tianjin Binhai New District government's unified planning and the economic construction needs of the local government, to upgrade the channel scale of Gaoshaling port area as soon as possible, to eliminate safety risks, it has been decided CNOOC Tianjin Branch would remove and recover the two crossing sections of the submarine pipeline. The expansion and development of Gaoshaling port area has great significance to the national strategies implementation, such as “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development”, “One Belt, One Road”, “Xiong’an New Area”, etc.


In order to fully cooperate with CNOOC Tianjin Branch, the professional Timeast who is a Submarine Cable Laying Company designated the project manager with rich construction management experience and S-lay barge TIMEAST-601 with rich operation experiences. During the construction, the project team worked together and raced against time to overcome the influence of the bad weather, and prepared each link and every detail carefully.


Timeast focuses on submarine/offshore engineering business from the foundation. The main business includes submarine/offshore oil & gas pipeline laying and repairing; submarine/offshore pollution drainage pipeline, water transportation pipeline laying and repairing; Subsea Gas Pipeline Laying; submarine/offshore (optical) cable laying and repairing; submarine/offshore lifting; facilities installation; construction, installation and repairing of jacket, platform and ancillary facility; submarine/offshore pipeline pre/post trenching.

We wish the project a successful completion!

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