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Yuedong Oil Field Offshore Pipeline Exposing & Suspending Repairing Project (Year 2021—Tincy Energy Group)


Project Introduction

In the external inspection performed in July 2021 to submarine pipeline & cables, part of submarine pipes and cables were found suspended and exposed, there are 13 exposed points of submarine pipelines with a length of 1235.9m, among them, 7 suspended points with a length of 368.9m, and the maximum suspended distance is 1.7m. To ensure the safe operation of the submarine pipelines, the treatment should be carried out as soon as possible in according to the relating drawings design. 

Handling relevant construction procedures; Diving check of pipeline suspending and exposing state and specific pipeline length in Yuedong oil field repairing section; Main operation vessel accurate positioning and fasten each mooring rope; Carrying out sandbag throwing construction work, offshore pipeline suspending & exposing repairing and acceptance test.

Yuedong Oil Field Offshore Pipeline ExposingYuedong Oil Field Offshore Pipeline Exposing