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Submarine Cable Installation: How Are Submarine Cables Installed ?

Apr. 22, 2020

The installation procedure of submarine optical cable

The design of the construction method requires that the design of submarine cable must ensure that the fiber is not affected by external forces and the environment.

submarine cable installation: How are submarine cables installed

Basic requirements for submarine optical cables

Can adapt to bottom pressure, wear and corrosion, biological environment, such as armored layer have the right to prevent the trawler, anchor and sharks were injured, when fiber fracture, reducing water infiltration into the cable length as much as possible, to prevent hydrogen penetration from outside to the cable and prevent hydrogen in the inside, with a low power remote power supply circuit, can bear the tension of laying and recycled, usually longer service life of more than 25 years.

Deep ocean (depths of more than 1000 meters) submarine cables do not have a steel wire armored structure, but the structure and reinforcement of the cable core (usually the center wire) must be able to protect the fiber to prevent high pressure in the sea and during the recovery of high pressure.

Tension. In order to prevent shark injury, two layers of steel tape should be twisted around the sheath of deep-sea cable in the place where sharks are found, and the polyethylene outer sheath should be extruded.

The core structure of submarine cables in shallow water (depths less than 1000 meters) is the same as that of deep-sea cables, but shallow water cables require single or double layers of wire armor. The number of armor layers and the outer diameter of the wire shall be determined according to the submarine environment, water depth, burial, fishing and other conditions of the submarine cable line.

submarine cable installation: How are submarine cables installed

Submarine cable company laying process

The submarine cable project in the process of laying is regarded as a complex and difficult large-scale project by all countries in the world. In shallow water, for example, cables less than 200 meters deep are buried, and in deep water, they are buried. Hydraulic injection burial is the main method of burial. There are several rows of water holes at the bottom of the embedded equipment, which is distributed parallel to each other. During the operation, each hole simultaneously sprays a high-pressure column of water into the seafloor, which scours the sediment to form a trench. It is used to direct cables (fiber-optic cables) to the bottom of submarine cable slots, which are automatically filled with electricity. The buried equipment was towed away by the construction of the ship and given various instructions by working cables. Cable laying machines usually do not have underwater burial equipment but are laid on the surface of the seabed by the weight of the submarine cable. The boat moves on, then washes the ditches with an underwater robot, puts in the fiber optic cable, then washes the sand with an underwater robot, covers the fiber optic cable, and then moves on. When the connection is required, first complete connection on board, then seal and continue laying. Fiber optic cable is all fiber optic, there are few cables, and all the laying is buried in the soil, that is, a submerged robot cuts a ditch and buries it in the soil. The AUV actually USES a high-pressure pump to pressurize the water to very high pressure and then squirts it out to get out. Usually, no maintenance is required. You only need to check the cable periodically with the manipulator underwater, if there is, please cover with sand. In addition, if it is damaged, you can measure it by using an attenuation detector to get to a specific location, then go to that location for docking or some other method, usually cutting off the damaged part and replacing it with a new part.

submarine cable installation: How are submarine cables installed

Submarine cable installation company

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